625 Days - Memory Care From The Inside
Bethany Porter

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Bethany Porter has given a birds eye view of what memory care is like today in America. She takes you on a journey through her 625 Days in a memory care facility. Through it, one begins to realize that not only are the state minimum standards not enough to sustain proper care but that the facility owners really need to evaluate their priorities.
Her story is riveting, demonstrating an undeniable passion to see that this disease that effects (1 person every 69 seconds) gets not only adequate care but quality care.
I shudder to think what my very own existence will be if I am diagnosed with Alzheimer's and sent to a place like she worked for and tried so desperately to change.
This book should not only be an eye opener but a wake up call to everyone that reads it, and if you have a loved one or know someone that is memory impaired, this book is a must read. Through Bethany's writing you will find yourself wanting to forge a movement to improve memory care. Her writing is brilliant, heartfelt and genuine.
I look forward to her next book, telling more of her continued journey to make memory care better.

5 STARS...at Amazon


625 Days Memory care from the inside; is a must read for everyone. I aplaud Ms Porters courage to publicize what all who care about human life in the industry are used struggling to to wrap our heads around. The stories shared could and are the same in every personal care, assisted living and memoory care facility across the state of PA and I am sure many others as well.
Ms Porter is a crusader and advocate for the rights of the largest growing segment of our population. Those who deserve the utmost respect and care during the last moments of their journey.

If you work in the industry you will relate to and hang on every word, or if you are in upper administration I would hope that this would open your eyes to what is really happening in the facilities you own and manage.

If you are a family member take all the recommendations Ms. Porter offers and do your best not to make this difficult decision with your emotions. Visit the website [...] for more insight.

If you are in the position to make a difference DPW, Office of Aging, ombudsmen....PLEASE DO.

We MUST put the person before the profit! Thank you Bethany Porter for having the courage and heart to write this book.

5 STARS...At Amazon

"This book gives you a real look into the world of memory care"

A few years ago, I had the honor of working for the Author of this book, Bethany Porter at a memory care facility in Lancaster PA. Although the book demonstrates some not so glamorous inside details of memory care, it is a wonderful eye opener for families who are dealing with the heart wrenching disease. I have learned a tremendous amount from this book, even after working with memory care for years. I strongly suggest reading this book if you are dealing with a family member having any type of dementia or thinking of working in the field. It's truly an amazing and very informative book.

5 STARS...At Amazon

"Thanks for telling the story like it is!"

Bethany Porter tells it like it really is in this book and I agree with her view that the U.S. MUST change the way these facilities are being run. I have seen over and over again just how effective it is when the staff workers are treated with respect, kindness and compassion, as well as given the tools to do their jobs properly--namely--TRAINING over and above what the "recommended" amount is. Dementia is complicated and must be addressed with more knowledge and compassion by the workers and in order to do that, the states must get behind some changes to make it so. Cindy Keith, RN, BS, Certified Dementia Practitioner and author of "Love, Laughter, & Mayhem - Caregiver Survival Manual For Living With A Person With Dementia" and staff training methods.

5 STARS...at Amazon


This book was written by a beautiful author, whom is a very loving and caring woman! She is trying to better the care for those with Alzheimer's and other memory impairments. I would highly recommend this book to EVERYONE!!





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After spending nearly two years as an administrator in memory care, the author left the industry exasperated at what she saw and encountered as the "norm" in providing care for individuals with memory impairments such as Alzheimer's and other types of Dementia. This up-close view at what's going on inside the industry takes a hard look at how low standards of care really are and the "Food For Thought For Families" sections help loved-ones navigate the waters of selecting and keeping an eye on care for their memory impaired friends and family. Written memoir -style, this author takes you into the challenges she faced with regulatory agencies, families, industry owners and investors, shining a bright light on the need for change.


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About the Author:

Bethany Porter
Memory Care Partners, LLC

A fierce advocate for individuals with memory impairments, Bethany
Porter worked as an Executive Director operating a memory care facility in South Central Pennsylvania.  Upon learning how badly the system of care was failing people with Alzheimer’s and other types of Dementia, Bethany left her role on the inside to pursue her passion of improving the standards of care nation-wide.  Bethany founded Trusted Memory Care, an organization working with memory care facilities to obtain quality ratings based on measures which go above and beyond government standards. Trusted Memory Care serves as a benchmark for families and caregivers as they pursue placement for loved ones afflicted with memory impairment. 

Visit www.trustedmemorycare.com for more information

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